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Master Influence. Command the Room. Monetize your Worth 

Join Branded Leaders  

by Virgilia Virjoghe


The Exclusive Membership includes:

HOT-Seat Live



Want to get your brand and social media analyzed live and get tips how to improve your digital presence? You are in for a treat! 

LIVE events in



Wonder where to meet other succesful women and build mesningful relationships? You came to the right place.  


Are you a passionate woman who wants to accomplish great things in life yet often finds herself limited by lack of access to the right opportunities or strategies? To the right teams to collaborate with?


For almost two decades, whether I was working in corporate world or being an entrepreneur I often found myself frustrated due to the lack of the right opportunities. 


It was a challenging road and I had work extra hard to achieve success. My goal is to help other women get access to the resources I once needed and help them execute their wildest visisons and become respected personal brands or what I like to call luxury personal brands.




I was born in Romania a communist country at the time: as you can see in the picture I was very happy in my garden with my trees and vegetables. Fast forward to today after studies in Romania and Germany I moved to New York City: from a small village to the Nasdaq billboard in Time Square. More details can be found in my book The Quest to the American Dream and at times in my podcast The Brand Architect. 


It was far from easy leaving everything I knew and loved behind: my home, my family, my cluture, my land... Many may not understand what's inside of a heart of an immigrant but I will leave that story for another time. My purpose in life is to lift others up and with Branded Leaders my attention is focused on women. I want to welcome you to your community, to inspire you not only with words but with actions. To offer you the oportunity to learn and be exposed to great knowledge shared by people I admire who do their part in generating chnage. 

See you in our weekly sessions and at our live events as well. This is not just a membership: it's a commitment to yourself and your aspirations.

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